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ColorLite's spectrophotometer are colour measuring instrument which are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Handheld and Laboratory Devices
sph850 and sph900 devices' probe head are connected via a flexible cable to the base unit, which is easy to handle and provides possibilities to measure colours at almost any surface.


Advantages of sph850 and sph900

  The unique concept of using a small probe head… whereby the measurement is started by simply pressing the head down on the sample.
  The sph850 and sph900 are both available with an optional d/8° adapter. This means with one device both main geometries (45°/0° and d/8°) can be implemented.
  A wide variety of accessories make our spectrophotometers extremely flexible – One device is all that is needed to measure small areas 3.5mm in diameter and large areas 38 mm in diameter with the MA38 adapter. Also the same device can be used to measure different liquids or powders.
  The easy to handle clear menu structure - Measure - Calibrate - Settings - Memory
  Excellent price/performance ratio


  Measurement and registration of colours of incoming and outgoing goods for QM-systems according to DIN EN ISO 9000
  Objective quality control of colours within the production
  Control of colour difference to a given standard


Industry Device
The industrial Spectrophotometer system SPH9i from Colorlite includes modern micro-system components, long-lasting LED light source, real optical grating and flexible optical fiber connections.


Ideal for OEM Solutions
Continual Control of production colours for plastics, textiles, paper etc.
product specific adaptaion to customer needs
Non-contact measurement by using probe head MKi3010 or MA38