C.A Sheimer (M) Sdn Bhd



Colour and Pigments


Colours - Dyes - Water & Solvent Based

Water Soluble Acid Dyes
1. Cabac Blue
2. Cabac Green
3. Cabac Red
4. Cabac Yellow
5. Cabac Yellow RC26
and other Colours


Water Soluble Basic Dyes
1. Cabas Blue
2. Cabas Red
and other Colours

Casol - Solvent Dyestuffs
Solvent Dyestuffs C.I. Equivalent
Casol Red GS 111 Macrolex Red G Gren(BAYER)
Casol Red H5B 52 Macrolex Red 5B Green(BAYER)
Casol Red HFG 149 Sumiplast Red HFG(SUMITOMO)
Casol Red FB 146 Sumiplast Red FB(SUMITOMO)
Casol Red KLB 168 Rosaplast Red 640(ROSE)
Casol Red 2Y 169 Rosaplast Red 609(ROSE)
Casol Red EG 135 Macrolex Red EG Gren(BAYER)
Casol Red BK 196 Rosaplast Red F2M(ROSE)
Casol Red GK 197 Rosaplast Red FSP(ROSE)
Casol Red 2B 24 Rosaplast Red 4B(ROSE)
Casol Red HRR 23 Rosaplast Red YG(ROSE)
Casol Red E2G 179 Macrolex Red E2G Gren(BAYER)
Casol Red CHA 207 Rosaplast Red 601(ROSE)
Casol Red 5B 41 -
Casol Red FRL FRL -
Casol Yellow 3G 114 Macrolex Yellow G Gren (BAYER)
Casol Yellow 3GL 176 Solvaperm Yellow G(HST)
Casol Yellow 4G 33 Keyplast Yellow YC(KEY)
Casol Yellow GG 2 Orient Oil Yellow GG(KKK)
Casol Orange E 14 Waxoline Orange EP(BASF)
Casol Yellow GN 93 Macrolex Yellow 3G Gren (BAYER)
Casol Yellow F5G 98 Rosaplast Yellow F5G (ROSE)
Casol Yellow HGN 157 Keyplast Lemon Yellow (KEY)
Casol Yellow GHS 163 Oracet Yellow GHS(CIBA)
Casol Orange 3G 60 Macrolex Orange 3G Gren(BAYER)
Casol Orange GG 63 Hostasol Red GG(DyStar)
Casol Orange 2G 86 Sudan S Orange 261(BASF)
Casol Violet ER 11 Rosaplast Violet ER(ROSE)
Casol Violet B 13 Macrolex Violet B Gren (BAYER)
Casol Violet RR 31 Sumiplast Violet RR(SUMITOMO)
Casol Violet R 59 Macrolex Red Violet R Gren (BAYER)
Casol Violet E4R 26 Rosaplast Violet E4R(ROSE)
Casol Blue 2N 35 Sudan Blue 670 (BASF)
Casol Blue AP 36 Sudan Blue FB (BASF)
Casol Blue GP 78 Elbaplast Blue 2G(HDC)
Casol Blue N 59 Rosaplast Blue B95 (ROSE)
Casol Blue 2B 104 Rosaplast Blue BR (ROSE)
Casol Blue RR 97 Macrolex Blue RR Gren (BAYER)
Casol Blue GN 63 Ceres Blue GN (DyStar)
Casol Green 5B 3 Macrolex Green 5B Gren (BAYER)
Casol Yellow 8GF 5 Thermoplast F Yellow 084 (BASF)
Casol Green GL 28 Macrolex Green G Gren (BAYER)
Casol Green G G -
Casol Black NB 27 Valifast Black 3820 (KKK)
Casol Black BG 34 Valifast Black 3804 (KKK)

Photochromic Dyes
Special Dyes that reversibly change colour upon exposure to ultraviolet sources, such as sunlight.

Thermochromic Dyes
Special Dyes that reversibly change colour upon exposure to heat.

Special Effect Colour Pigments - UV Effects, Pearlescents, Fluorescent &

UV Titan
Nano Crystal Titanium Dioxide
For UV inhibition of UVA & UVB
It is a visually transparent pigment but protecting the
coating or plastic system from UV degradation and
Widely used in Plastics, Coatings, Cosmetics & Skin Cares.

Cota - Pearlescent Pigments
1.0 Pearl White Series
1011W500 Xxtra Sparkle
1001W200 Xtra Sparkle
1003W100 Super Glitter Pearl
1004W070 Glitter Satin
1201W060 Brilliant Satin
1222W025 Super Satin
1203W015 Micro Satin

2.0 Spectra Series
2051S125 Supextra Gold
2052S125 Supextra Red
2053S125 Supextra Violet
2054S125 Supextra Blue
2055S125 Supextra Green
2001S060 Spectra Gold
2002S060 Spectra Red
2003S060 Spectra Violet
2004S060 Spectra Blue
2005S060 Spectra Green
2021S025 Supectra Gold
2022S025 Supectra Red
2023S025 Supectra Violet
2024S025 Supectra Blue
2025S025 Supectra Green

3.0 Coloured Series
3001C060 Brilliant Pink
3002C060 Brilliant Sky Blue
3003C060 Brilliant Signal Green
3004C060 Brilliant Violet
3005C060 Brilliant Saturn Yellow
3006C060 Brilliant Grey
3201C060 Brilliant D Pink
3202C060 Brilliant Ocean Blue
3203C060 Brilliant P Green
3203C060 Brilliant T Green
3204C060 Brilliant Z Purple
3204C060 Brilliant Y Purple

4.0 Metallic Series
4051M125 Glitter Brass
4052M125 Glitter Copper
4053M125 Glitter Russet
4054M125 Glitter Maroon
4001M060 Brilliant Brass
4002M060 Brilliant Copper
4003M060 Brilliant Russet
4004M060 Brilliant Maroon
4005M060 Aged Brass
4006M060 Aged Copper
4021M025 Super Brass
4022M025 Super Copper
4023M025 Super Russet
4024M025 Super Maroon

5.0 Gold Lustre Series
5011G200 Xtra Sparkle Gold
5001G125 Sparkle Gold
5303G060 Rex Gold
5002G060 Bright Gold R
5003G060 Bright Gold Y
5022G025 Super Gold R
5023G025 Super Gold Y
5024G025 Super Gold A

6.0 Antique Coloured Series
6001A060 Aged Silver Grey
6002A060 Aged Black Gold
6003A060 Aged Red Black
6004A060 Aged Silver Green

7.0 Multi Colour Z Series
7001Z060 CS Gold Green
7002Z060 CS Red Yellow
7003Z060 CS Red Green
7004Z060 CS Purple Orange
7005Z060 CS Purple Green
7006Z060 CS Purple Yellow
7007Z060 CS Blue Green
7008Z060 CS Blue Orange
7009Z060 CS Dark Green
7010Z060 CS Green Yellow

Fluorescent Pigments - Glow in UV & dim light condition
Aurora Pink 11
Neon Red 12
Rocket Red 13
Fire Orange 14
Blaze Orange 15
Arc Yellow 16
Saturn Yellow 17
Signal Green 18
Horizon Blue 19
Corona Magenta 21

Phosphorescent Pigments - Glow in total darkness


Cotaglitter - Hexagonal Glitters
1. Standard Series
2. Rainbow Series
3. Laser Series
4. Metallic Series
5. Aluminium Series


Special effect & function Polyolefin Masterbatch

1. Pearlescent & Metallic Colour Effect
2. UV-Titan Base - Nanocrystal size TiO2


Cota Reverso
1. Cotasol Reverso Photochronic Dye Solution
For Coatings
2. Cotalene Reverso Photochronic PE Masterbatch
For Plastics (Polyolefins, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP)


Colour Pigments

1. CasColour Red FGR 112
2. CasColour Yellow 10G/3
3. Organic Pigments
4. Inorganic Pigments