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Aluminium Tubes & Cans

Aluminium Monobloc Aerosol Cans
For cosmetics, hair care products, body sprays,deodorants, etc.

Standard Sizes:

  • In conformity with FEA Standards. (EUROPEAN AEROSOL FEDERATION)
  • Minimum Pressure Resistance : 12 bar = 170 P.S.I. up
  • Base coated and Printed in up to 8 colours.

Aluminium Collapsible Tubes
For hair dye products, toothpastes, pharmaceutical creams, ointments and adhesives etc.


General Specification:

  • Made of 99.7% minimum purity aluminium.
  • In accordance with British standard BS 2006, German Standard DIN 5061.
  • Inside plain or double lacquered.
  • Base coated and printed in up to 6 colours.
  • Shoulders plain, plain cut, plain polished, brushed, grooved or white coated.
  • With plastic inner tubes for hair dye products.
Aluminium Bottles
For cosmetics, toiletries and pesticides etc.

General Specification:

  • Base coated and printed up to 6 colours.
Aluminium Rigid Wall Containers
For cosmetics, toiletries and pesticides etc.

General Specification:

  • Felt Pen Bodies, Pump Containers Tablet Tubes, Pill Containers, Powder Cans and Mastic Cartridges with screw tops or plastic stoppers.

Aluminium Slugs
Aluminium Slugs for Impact Extrusion

  • Manufactured from 99.7% minimum purity aluminium.
  • According to European Standards