C.A Sheimer (M) Sdn Bhd



A SERIOUS PRODUCER, C A SHEIMER IS a major market supplier for

Flavour and Fragrance elements and compounds
Aromatic Chemicals and Essential Oils,
Extracts, Chemical Materials and Absolutes
Food / drugs and cosmetics ingredients
Special effect Colour and Pigments for plastics,
paints, coatings/inks, Skin Care and Cosmetic,
Colour extracts and specialty ingredients for Food,
Pharmaceutical & Health supplements industries
Packaging materials for Toiletries and Cosmetics
Aluminum Aerosol cans/ tubes, PE Soft Tubes,
Glass jars/bottles from Thailand, China and Europe
Packaging machines for Mixing, Filling, Sealing and
Crimping of Cosmetics, Toiletries and Food production

Newly Acquired

SKYRAY Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescent Spectrometer
HEIZOMAT Wood Chipping Systems
COLORLITE Colour Measuring Handheld and Laboratory Devices